Top 377 Male Dog Names - Brilliant Ideas for Boys! (2023)

Top 377 Male Dog Names - Brilliant Ideas for Boys! (1)

The best male dog names are often the most original, but when there's an almost infinite number of topics to brainstorm, it's not uncommon to get nervous. From food to movies, from sports stars to holiday destinations. The only limit is your imagination. The more personal the subject is to you and your life, the more likely you are to find a truly unique brand for your dog. But most of us need a decent set of names to get started. Today I'm going to share some great ideas with you, along with some tips for brainstorming your very own custom names.


  • Brainstorm your own creative ideas
  • Classic male names
  • Names that show strength
  • Unique themes and inspiration.
  • Names from A to Z for males


If you like the idea of ​​naming your dog after a person, now is the time to start jotting down the names of your favorite pets - don't make a list, just write them down randomly on a large piece of paper. It's because.

Male dog name lists are a great way to get some inspiration and we've got a great A-Z for you below, but when you're putting your first ideas together I think you'll find it helpful to use a more randomized list called a brainstorming technique. . With lists, it's easy to overlook the items in between. Especially when the list is long. Brainstorming means finding a topic and writing down ideas related to that topic. And it's a technique that seems to work, because that's how our brains work, with ideas that come from a central theme. Here's an example of brainstorming dog names on the subject of vehicles.

Top 377 Male Dog Names - Brilliant Ideas for Boys! (2)
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Cars, trucks, and motorcycles often have interesting male names. I bet you can think of many other vehicle names that would also make great male names. Notice how this type of mind map visualization gives all names an equal chance to grab your attention. You can then add your favorites to your final list. Here is an example of some names created around the theme of strength and power. You could even use thoseFirst letter of your dog breed for inspiration!

Choose your method

There are some great ways to come up with more unique dog names. The first step is to be creative and gather a "pool" of ideas. For best results, spread these ideas out on a large piece of paper or a whiteboard, or you can post notes on a bulletin board.

If you use a whiteboard, remember to take a picture of the content with your smartphone in case someone comes along and erases all your hard work! Once you have your paper or bulletin board ready and a pen handy, it's time to find inspiration for unique male dog names for you and your family.

BEST TIP:You'll get more creative if you start with a transparent surface. First, delete all your old notes!

If you have several themed boards, have each family member choose their two favorite names from each board and write them on a piece of paper. Choosing your dog's final name, boy or girl, is really difficult! So with children, you need to be patient and persistent (this is where setting a time limit can help). When everyone has made their choice, the slips of paper can be folded and placed in a jar. Pick ten (take turns) and put them in the kitchen for a few days before making your final choice.

Popular names for male dogs

Here are some of the best male dog names that are hugely popular... You'll find that two-syllable names are often the most popular male dog names because they're easy for your dog to understand. As well as easy to say!

  • maximal
  • Very
  • Duque
  • copper
  • Milo
  • Finnish
  • Murphy
  • Partner
  • To the right
  • Harley
  • destroyer
  • outer wall
  • Bentley
  • Olli
  • Oscar
  • simba
  • ben
  • teddy bear
  • Casey
  • Jacob
  • Micky
  • Jörg
  • Come on
  • jed
  • cody
  • Schneider
  • tobi
  • Winnie
  • Wilson
  • Samson
  • Conor

Strong names for males

Names that emphasize strength are popular with large dog breeds. But they can also be fun as tongue-in-cheek names for smaller, leaner dogs. Or for owners who never miss a leg day!

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  • Arnold
  • Rough
  • splendor
  • rocket
  • Clark (Superman)
  • Spender
  • Lob
  • Hagrid
  • Hertz (Hercules)
  • Bulldozer
  • Odin
  • Insurance
  • Ajax
  • Jordan
  • he is a fool
  • shaq
  • Stallone
  • Panzer
  • Tarzan
  • Tyrian Saurian Rex
  • wolverine

old dog names

It can be fun going back in time to come up with names for a new generation of dogs. Human names for dogs tend to come from times gone by. The names change every 50 to 100 years, and traveling back in time can yield some unusual insights. WWI names like George and Thomas are popular again now, but WWII names are close enough and far enough apart to be unusual. You can get inspiration from older relatives or think of older characters from books or TV; Think of "Bert and Ernie" from Sesame Street.

  • Herbert
  • Alberto
  • Ronaldo
  • Roger
  • Leonardo
  • Ernst
  • John
  • Federico
  • kenneth
  • Roberto

dominant dog names

Does your puppy dominate the quarters? While alpha theory is well done these days, there's no doubt there still is some appeal to giving your male dog a masculine name.

  • captain
  • Chef
  • commander
  • Admiral
  • Chef
  • president
  • Kopf
  • Director
  • Director
  • Governor

Here's how to find unusual names for male dogs

Stay in creative mode for a while. Therefore, you will probably create a series of mind maps on different topics. A great place to store these collections of names is your phone. Just snap a picture of everyone just to be sure. You will find some superhero themes moving up the list above! Sometimes one topic leads to another, so don't be afraid to grab another piece of paper or take a picture of the whiteboard, erase it, and start over with the new topic.

BEST TIP:Don't try to make a decision right away, collect a collection of 30-50 weird dog names that you like. Let the ideas flow! This stage is all about creativity, not finding the perfect name. Here are some examples of themes you can use to come up with different male dog names.

  • Boat trip
  • Music
  • literature
  • Essen
  • rocking basket
  • Nature
  • Famous painters


If you enjoy fishing or boating, one of these nautical names might appeal. Some are not uncommon and some are very common. But they all have a nice "ringtone".

  • Standard
  • Sailors
  • captain
  • foreman
  • Anker
  • Drift
  • Pececillo
  • bigger book
  • Model
  • defend
  • Ruder

great musical ideas

Whether you're into heavy metal, rap or classical music, there's bound to be a personal theme for you. You can use this theme to generate male dog name ideas. You don't have to limit yourself to the number of musicians you can think of, you can also use music terms and the instruments they play! Here are a few ideas:

  • fishmonger
  • Clapton
  • Lennon
  • axis
  • Bowie
  • Hendrix
  • gut

Or you can take them a little further back in time!

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  • Presley
  • Sinatra
  • Gerschwin
  • Bin
  • Amstrong
  • Base
  • Django

You can expand on these topics or write down more topic ideas of your own. The more collections you create, the more likely you are to find the perfect name for your pup. Here are some collections of more traditional names for you to explore. Have a pen handy to write down anything you particularly like. We'll start with male names for large dogs.

Create unique dog names

Your dog's characteristics can be big topics. Its size and color, for example. Here are some creative male dog names based on size issues. Of course, you don't have to give a big dog a big dog name, it can be fun to do the opposite and name your Chihuahua "Panzer".

big dog names

  • Andre (the giant)
  • Aragogue (Harry Potter-Serie)
  • Beethoven
  • big red
  • muscular
  • Eifel
  • Hogan
  • Johnny well done)
  • mighty joe
  • Monty (short for 'Montezuma')
  • Sequoia ('Recatada' for short)
  • scary
  • Fleck
  • Vulkan
  • Zeus

You or family members may find it helpful to write down your male dogs' names with the meaning next to them. So be sure to do this whenever you come across a name that you think has a special meaning to you.

Ideas for small dogs

On the other end of the spectrum, if your male small breed pup needs to stay cute and compact, then cute dog names could reflect his super adorable size. These short names are popular with toy breeds, but big breeds with short names are adorable too. We like the following cute male dog names perfect forYorkies,Chihuahuas,shih tzuand other small dogs or dogs that are small at heart.

  • Bye
  • alegre
  • Jerry (Tom and Jerry)
  • Kricket
  • grilled
  • teddy bear
  • Urine
  • Simon
  • peanut
  • Kieselstein
  • Hundred
  • Taste
  • Point
  • Sole
  • Stuart Little)
  • Bis
  • Teodoro (kurz ‚Theo‘)
  • thimble
  • shortly
  • Tweetar

fancy dog ​​names

What could be more elegant than naming your child after royalty? These royal dog names will have you bowing to your pooch before you can even say Henry VIII! They also make good classic English names for dogs.

  • Egbert
  • Alfredo
  • Eduardo
  • Edmund
  • Edgar
  • Harald
  • Guillermo
  • Esteban
  • Ricardo
  • John
  • Jaime
  • Carlos
  • oliver
  • Jörg

funny names for dogs

If you like humor, choosing a funny name for your dog might be the perfect choice! For example, you can give them a resizing name like we saw before. Or name your dog after a fictional character or a particularly funny TV show! Here are some funny male dog names that are sure to raise a few laughs:

Top 377 Male Dog Names - Brilliant Ideas for Boys! (3)

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  • Bogota
  • Barky McBarkstein
  • long leg)
  • Captain Underpants (kurz ‚Captain‘)
  • puppy cat
  • Lukas (Ente)
  • Dwight
  • Ernie
  • Godzilla
  • Deutsch
  • Kiefer
  • peanut
  • Sheldon Cooper)
  • Stewie
  • Woody (toy story)
Top 377 Male Dog Names - Brilliant Ideas for Boys! (4)

Cute dog names men will love

Dog names, there are many! Is your little man devilishly handsome and charming? Is he the star of the show everywhere? In this case, naming him after his good looks can be fun. After all, such a feast for the eyes should not go unnoticed! You can name your cute dog after a fictional character famous for his good looks, or maybe a dreamy male celebrity. Here are some dog names that will suit male dogs like royalty! You will find the perfect match for your little prince:

  • principle
  • Links James Bond)
  • Clint Eastwood)
  • Dapper Dan ('Dan' do abreviar)
  • Edward (Cullen, Twilight-Trilogy)
  • Eric (Prince the Little Mermaid)
  • fabio
  • Finnick (Odair – Hunger Games Trilogy)
  • Han (Solo, Star Wars)
  • Sr. Darcy
  • Charming prince
  • Rico Sauvé ('Ricky' course)
  • herrero
  • Vigo Mortensen)
  • Zooko

cute names for dogs

Cute puppy names don't have to be obnoxiously cute or overly girly to get your point across. In fact, cute dog names for boys might just be super cute human names for two-legged kids. After all, who doesn't love an adorable pup with an equally adorable name?

  • People
  • compartment
  • pencil sharpener
  • Elliot
  • Finley
  • feliz
  • henchman
  • piggy
  • zero left
  • Be
  • Winnie Puuh
  • Puffball
  • Puppeteer
  • scream
  • Todd

Names for dogs with teddy bears

Is your new pup a bit like a teddy bear? Dogs like the Pomeranian or certain Poodle mixes are often categorized as teddy bear dogs because of their furball status. These cute, offbeat style dog boy names are puppy perfection.

  • filled ball
  • Fluff
  • with pomp
  • tuft
  • lanoso
  • Luxurious
  • soft
  • Memo
  • deep heap
  • lanoso

cool dog names

Your pup will be the coolest dog in the park when you give them a grip that reflects a nice person or something awesome! Cool dog names that male dogs will really adapt to include:

  • Beckham
  • Damon
  • document
  • Hof
  • Harley
  • Falcon eye
  • Tonto
  • lucia
  • Luigi
  • Malfoy
  • Mario
  • Parker
  • Jeeves
  • Tear apart
  • Salvatore ('salt' for short)
  • The shade
  • Stefano
  • Wyatt

Male dog names from A to Z

Good male dog names are easy to pronounce and don't sound like any commands you want them to learn later. Traditional human names are a good way to find something that rolls off the tongue. And also classic male names like Hooch, Rex or Buddy, which have been popular with dogs for years. Scroll down to find the ultimate A - Z, or click on the links below to go straight to your favorite lyrics. We try to include a variety of names in each group so there's something for everyone!


  • Bogota
  • Adam
  • If
  • Ajax
  • Alex
  • Alfie
  • Alpha
  • André
  • Aragogue
  • Archie
  • Arnie


  • outer wall
  • to call
  • Basil
  • principle
  • Beethoven
  • ben
  • bertie
  • Come on
  • Bruno
  • Rough
  • People
  • insects


  • captain
  • Casey
  • Kasper
  • White board
  • Chance
  • chase
  • chaz
  • Chester
  • Switch
  • Clear
  • Clint
  • cody
  • copper


  • Of
  • Giving
  • Dany
  • Dargo
  • special feature
  • dave
  • Deke
  • Derek
  • To the right
  • Dill
  • Drogo
  • Duque
  • Dylan


  • Cond
  • Eco
  • Eddie
  • Elon
  • Elvis
  • Enzo
  • Erich
  • Ernie
  • Mistake
  • euan
  • Evan


  • Fabian
  • Fabric
  • Falcon
  • Falstaff
  • Eckzahn
  • opening
  • Sister
  • Finnish
  • Flynn
  • Frank
  • freddie
  • Frodo


  • give
  • Galaxy
  • Garry
  • Gerry
  • Geist
  • Gibson
  • Sprouting
  • Of
  • gonzo
  • Arena
  • Gunner
  • gunter


  • hamish
  • Is
  • Harley
  • torment
  • Hashtag
  • Reif
  • bullying
  • Henrique
  • Held
  • hill
  • Homer
  • alcoholic beverage


  • Is it
  • Symbol
  • Iggy
  • Devil
  • Inka
  • independent
  • Indigo
  • with ink
  • what causes itching
  • Iwan
  • ivory


  • Jabba
  • jago
  • Jason
  • Jaspis
  • Jazz
  • Deutsch
  • jetro
  • Puzzle
  • Jingles
  • Buch
  • Johnny


  • Carlos
  • Kenny
  • Kent
  • Sapo
  • rei
  • Kipling
  • equipment
  • Ritter
  • us
  • knox
  • together
  • Kurt


  • Laurie
  • Lanzelot
  • Len
  • Lennon
  • Lion
  • Lincoln
  • Linus
  • Luis
  • Lukas
  • lucky you
  • Lukas


  • Marlon
  • marte
  • Amigo
  • Dissident
  • maximal
  • meatloaf
  • Micah
  • Micky
  • miguel
  • Prank
  • Morris
  • El Muppets


  • nando
  • nano
  • Napoleon
  • Nacho
  • Nash
  • Nautilus
  • Nelson
  • Nemo
  • user
  • Rake
  • Norte


  • Oakley
  • Avena
  • Obi
  • Odin
  • oliver
  • osmar
  • Onyx
  • Orville
  • or good
  • Oscar
  • Nutria
  • Owen


  • Pacino
  • paddy field
  • Parker
  • Pavlov
  • peanut
  • Pennsylvania
  • percy
  • Sole
  • Prise
  • Pluto
  • poachers
  • Presley


  • quartz
  • Quasimodus
  • four
  • subtlety
  • Pena
  • Quin
  • quincy
  • sophistik
  • Quixie
  • court hearing


  • Career
  • rags
  • It happens
  • Rambo
  • Raymond
  • rebel
  • Rex
  • Rico
  • robbie
  • Robin
  • rocco
  • Rocky
  • Ronnie


  • Sal
  • Sam
  • Scottish
  • Explore
  • Scratch
  • Sergeant
  • Sherlock
  • Socrates
  • Soldier
  • eavesdropper
  • Spinner
  • Stan
  • Steve


  • Heel
  • tanned
  • Tarzan
  • teddy bear
  • Tenyson
  • teo
  • Thor
  • Ruder
  • Tracker
  • Trojan
  • Troy
  • Trumpet


  • Over
  • pumpkin
  • ulric
  • ultrasonic
  • Ulysses
  • Einhorn
  • Usk
  • Ustinov
  • Utah
  • Utopia


  • Tramp
  • Passionate
  • Vandals
  • disappear
  • And
  • winner
  • Vicente
  • Winnie
  • Vergil
  • vodka
  • Vulkan


  • Locations
  • Wally
  • Guerrero
  • watson
  • Webley
  • Mecha
  • Wilbur
  • wilf
  • Guillermo
  • Wilson
  • Winston


  • Crate
  • Xander
  • I will go
  • Javier
  • Xax
  • Xerxes
  • xxx


  • parts list
  • Milenrama
  • sim
  • screamer
  • Yenko
  • Yeti
  • Yogi
  • yogurt


  • Zorro
  • Zack
  • Zappo
  • Zeiss
  • Ziggy
  • energetic
  • Zork
  • Zorro
  • Zulu
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