The most scandalous "Karen" moments of 2021 (2023)

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The most scandalous "Karen" moments of 2021 (1)

By keeping it, Karen goes wrong. | Source: Twitter

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Tthe spread ofde karenIt may have coincided with the pandemic, but obviously the concept of white women with rights wielding and arming their perceived privileges in a misguided attempt to exercise moral authority over black people is far from new.

The Karen have effectively become a pop culture phenomenon despite (because of?) their undeniable white supremacist roots. The year 2021 is overwhelming evidence of this truth, complete witha movie "Karen" which premiered on BETlike thisa popular "Karen" Halloween costumethis was another indication that racism still makes big bucks for big companies.

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But during those isolated "Karens" by-products, there was a steady stream of video evidence showing Karen's karening in the most outrageous and egregious ways they would do.Amy „Central Park Karen“ Cooperproud. do you remember her?

However, that was then and that is now; and "now" includes the Karens class of 2021 showing up in the most likely and unlikely places including but not limited to airplanes, school assemblies, dog parks, subways, NBA games, retail stores. Shops, parking lots and unfortunately too many other places to mention here.

From the brazen audacity of uttering anything from the N-word on very public forums to falsely accusing black people of crimes, read on for the most outrageous "Karen" moments of the year.

Panecillo Karen

Stephanie DenaroShe was traveling with her three young children, including one in a stroller, when she was denied duty at Davidovich Bakery in New York City in March for refusing to wear a mask when ordering bagels. Citing an unspecified "medical issue" that she claimed prevented her from wearing a mask, Denaro was filmed responding to the black bakery employee's refusal to work, calling him a "damn nigger." , complete with the hard R.” That's what he is! That's him!" she admonished other shoppers before proudly repeating the racist epithet, "I just said that!" What's even crazier:Denaro's children are mixed race.whose father is black.

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Karen's plane

There's something about air travel that brings out the inner Karen in some white women, as evidenced by a Spirit Airlines flight in September and another stunning incident in December. First, on the 20th anniversary of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, an elderly white passenger accidentally dropped her luggage on a younger white woman after landing in Detroit. When the younger woman started swearing at the older woman, Aicha Toure, a black Muslim woman, stepped in to defend the older woman for her mistake. Back then, "Spirit Airlines Karen" was apparently summoned by her ancestors.

"You Muslim terrorist, nobody talks to you"Karen told Touré. "Mind your own business!" She then attacked Toure before being arrested as soon as she got off the plane.The video of this instancesmudged the face of "Spirit Airlines Karen," but a screenshot survives in shame to document it

The most scandalous "Karen" moments of 2021 (3)

Quelle: CAIR/Council on American Islamic Relations

Two months later, Karen's in-flight antics came in the form of white violence when a woman named Patricia Cornwall became so angry with a flight attendant's drinks trolley blocking the aisle of the plane that she ended up attacking an elderly man. . Man who rightly told her so"Karina, sit down.' after daring to compare his alleged situation to Rosa Parks'.Yes, in any case. Bottom Line: The FBI eventually arrested her.

Karen School Board

In September, Donna Loiacano voiced her objections in a Boston suburbDR. Kennan McKenzie— a black associate professor and director of the Aspire Institute at Boston University's Wheelock College who received her Ph.D. from Columbia University to sit on a school board and suggested doing so only to address the board's lack of diversity."How does it look on the board?"Loiacano inquired about McKenzie during a school board meeting before suggesting he was merely the school district's director of opportunities, access and equity. Loiacano, who was immediately referred to as "School Committee Karen," had to apologize.

Karen Dog Park

A black couple and their dog at a Brooklyn dog park filmed an unidentified white woman — let's just call her "Dog Park Karen" — telling them to "stay in their neighborhood" during an argument over the couple's dog “. Karen mistook her for another dog. It was one of many instances this year of white women attempting to police black people, and it provided a real-time example of gentrification at work.

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After the video of the meeting went viral, the CEO of the company "Dog Park Karen" worked.He tweeted that he fired her.“

meters the fellow

An unnamed Karen, who was riding the New York subway, was caught on video yelling at two black men who appeared to be too close to her. She called them a "piece of shit" and "garbage" just before getting up from her chair and attacking one of them. According to reports"Metro Karen"She punched one of the black men in the face with her iPad, causing him to punch her in the back and exit the subway as she repeatedly punched him. He also tried to grab a bag the other man was holding. In the midst of the fight, he spilled the contents of the bag, causing the second black man to open his soda bottle and spray it all over his face. It really was an unforgettable moment.

You are high school

Since the rise of the Karens, we've learned that not everyone is a woman. In addition to male Karens (they are called Ken), they can be teenagers. That truth was never clearer than last month in Fort Worth, Texas, where an unnamed Castleberry High School student was shown on video assaulting his black teacher and then picking up the landline phone on the teacher's desk to call your mother for help to ask. . Talk to your teacher because, said the teenager, the teacher is"Black and she pisses me off."You really can't catch up on most of it.

Karen from California

And while whites have always racially profiled black shoppers in retail, a woman who's earned the nickname "California Karen" took things to a new and improved level of implied bias when she was filmed at a Spencer's in Sunrise. Shopping center in suburban Sacramento.She accused a black man of stealing her cellphone, which she eventually found in her own purseShe held it in her hand the entire time, although she reportedly checked it multiple times.

There's a lot more to the story than that, but suffice it to say that Karen's false racial allegations were enough to make even the face of "SoHo Karen," another California woman named, blush brightlyMiya Ponsettowho made headlines herself in late 2020 for falsely accusing a jazz musiciankeyon haroldand his 14-year-old son of the same name before his cellphone was stolen in New York City.

Garagem Karen

In a rare case where Karens went to trial, a white woman named Bitsy Brennan was fired and her son was arrested after her.violent altercation with a black man in the parking lot of a Nashville apartment complexin November. They immediately questioned the black man who was doing his job checking parking permits in the garage and demanded that he identify himself and say how he got in. The overall implication couldn't have been clearer: The mother-son duo suspected the black man had committed an unspecified crime, despite being only guilty of literally minding his own business.

Next to Karen's yard

Basketball superstar on two separate but closely related occasionsLebron JamesHe had contentious interactions with two different Karens who attempted to verbally attack him while he was courtside at the NBA games he attended. In both cases he even threw them out of all arenas"Karen na quadra"a white woman identified as Juliana Carlos, who was nicknamed LeBron after she removed her mask to insult him in Atlanta in February.


She and her "old steroid" husband were quickly thrown out of the game.

Almost 10 months later,Bron had to give another titled white couple the same treatmentfor a nasty comment about your child; one that Donald "Ken" Trump Jr. enthusiastically co-signs.

This is America.

We expect a drastic reduction in Karen moments in 2022 and beyond.


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