The 4 ways to prevent a male cat from bullying a female cat - Archie Cat (2023)

The 4 ways to prevent a male cat from bullying a female cat - Archie Cat (1)

Prevent your male cat from bullying your female cat:

  • Make sure that your cat really shows aggression, does not play or mate.
  • Neuter your cat to make it less aggressive and better behaved
  • Separate your cats and reintroduce them slowly
  • Provide enough resources so they don't get jealous, territorial, or bored.
  • Be OK With Your Cats Just Coexisting

It's a nightmare when your cats just won't stop fighting. I have experienced this in my home, and the long process of changing relationships with cats is no fun for anyone!

Fortunately, there are steps you can take to prevent bullying from getting out of hand.

First, make sure that your cat is really showing aggression.

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Some people have a hard time telling the difference between aggression and play in cats. It is also possible that your cat is actually trying to mate with your cat without hurting her.

Learning your cat's body language is extremely important. It's also a safe bet that if you've never seen scratches or injuries on your cats, they're not trying to hurt each other. Cats are strong creatures and could kill each other if that was really their goal.

An exception to this is if your cat starts hiding, stops using the litter box out of fear, or stops eating at mealtimes. Your fear means that there is a specific problem that you need to address.

If your cat regularly chases you around the house, climbs on it, or holds it, he's probably trying to mate with her. This is more common in non-neutered cats, but I have certainly seen this behavior in my strict tabby Frank as well.

In this situation, it is better to separate them and spay and neuter your cats fast as possible.

How to stop aggression in male cats

If possible, stay calm and be patient with your cats. Being stressed often amplifies the problems you are facing, which is not good for everyone involved.

Don't punish your cat by yelling, giving it time, or hurting it. He will not understand the punishment and will probably make his behavior worse.

Also, you shouldn't allow your cats to just "fight" each other if they get hurt. This is dangerous and could result in serious injury or death to your cat.

Here are some things you can dowillingHelp your situation:

1. Neuter your cat

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I cannot stress enough how important neutering your cat is. Not only will you be less aggressive, but you will also have many other benefits. neutered cats arehealthier, they have fewer behavioral problems and also do not produce kittens in a world already overpopulated with unwanted cats.

Of course, you should also sterilize your cat.

If you have financial problems, know that going to a traditional vet is not the only way to cure your cat. Look for low-cost programs in your area. The ASPCA hasgreat resourcefor this.

2. Separate and reintroduce your cats

The next important thing is to separate the cats from each other immediately. Your cat doesn't deserve to live like this, and you don't deserve to deal with cat fights in your house either.

You can place each cat in a different area of ​​your home or lock one in a room while the other runs the house. It depends on the size of your house, but the most important thing is that between them there is a door through which no cat can pass.

How did you reintroduce them?

Once they're spread out and have at least a day or two to establish themselves, you can start reintroducing them.

Start sharing scents. This can be done, for example, if one cat sleeps on a blanket and then places it in the other cat's area.

The main way to do this is to change the area that your cats hang out in. If your cat is locked in a room and the female has the rest of the house to herself, you'll want to switch them up so that your cat is in the room and your male cat is outside.

This prevents them from becoming territorial of "their" space. It also helps those of us with smaller homes to give both cats ample space to run around, but not at the same time.

You can also feed your cats on both sides of the door that separates them. This helps them associate each other's scent with food. However, if one or both of you are afraid or refuse to eat, move the dishes away from the door until he is comfortable with them.

Once your cats get used to each other's scents, you can start introducing them to them by sight. Create a situation where you can control both cats, e.g. through a glass door in your house or even holding one on a leash if they are trained and comfortable with it.

things to make sure it works

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Take small steps here, starting with just 5-10 minutes and increasing as your cats get used to it. It is best to end well, with no hissing, growling, or other threats from either cat.

Tune in to your cat's body language to know when she's done and needs to return to her designated spot.

This process is time consuming and requires patience. It took me up to a full year to complete and you can probably expect months of dedicated work and perseverance.

When the relationship is badly damaged

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It may not work either. Some relationships are too damaged to repair, and your cats may never trust or tolerate each other. You may need to keep them apart indefinitely if you can. As a last resort, you may need to relocate your cat.

If you decide to follow this path, rejoice in such a responsibility. Do not throw your cat away or take it to an animal shelter where it may be euthanized. Instead, contact a rescue center or find yourself a good, loving home.

Remember that by bringing your cat into your home, you have made a commitment to your cat. See until the end.

3. Provide ample resources for both cats

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Providing the right resources for both cats will ensure they feel safe and comfortable in your home. This prevents your cats from becoming jealous or territorial.

It also prevents your cat from getting bored and turning to your cat for fun.

Each of your cats should have their own:

  • sandbox
  • food and water bowls
  • Places to sit and sleep

These things should be kept separate, not next to each other. For example, don't feed your cats next to each other or place multiple litter boxes in one corner. Space them out so they are on the other side of the room or in different rooms.

you also shouldat least one additional litter box. So if you have two cats, you should have three boxes. Three cats need four, and so on.

When it comes to perches and sleeping places, it can be anything from the back of your sofa or a windowsill to a bed or scratching post. Cats like to have an area where they can feel safe and they especially like being able to sit up high where they can see the entire room from above.

The extra touches that make it work

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In addition to these resources, be sure to provide the following:

  • Lots of toys for them to play around the house.
  • enough game time
  • attention from you

I think it's better to change the toys to keep the cats interested. Some great options for indie games aretoys filled with catnip,Tracktoys, mistalker.

But don't think you have to spend a lot of money: there are plenty of inexpensive household toys and everyday objects that cats love to play with. Just make sure it doesn't present a choking hazard.

When it comes to game time, it's importantplay with each cat for at least 30 minutesthroughout the day. I like to play with my cats for 10-15 minutes before each meal.

Since I have many cats, I don't play with each one individually, but in groups. However, since your cats don't get along, you probably need to play with each one separately.

Finally, pay close attention to their furry noses. Do not try to favor one over the other or coddle your cat. It may seem tempting and natural, but it can trigger jealousy, which will only worsen the relationship between your cats.

4. Accept coexistence

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Please don't make the mistake of thinking that your cats are supposed to be the best of friends that play and cuddle with each other every day. Not all cats are like this and it is very likely that your cats will not make it to this place.

What you should achieve is to have two cats that are not afraid or get hurt. A fight here or there is fine, and ignoring each other is fine!

If your cats can live together in peace, that's all you need. Anything else is just a bonus.

Autora: Katelynn Sobus

The 4 ways to prevent a male cat from bullying a female cat - Archie Cat (9)

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