League Of Legends: 15 Easiest Champions For Beginners (2023)

League of LegendsIt is a game with more than ten seasons. Champions and gameplay are constantly changing to accommodate new playstyles, changes to core mechanics, and even older champions that can't keep up with current playstyles. Many champions are so different and unique that they are too complicated for newcomers.

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Many multi-character games choose to have a few characters to make them a little easier to master, making the process of understanding the game less painful for new players. League of Legends has some champions that are much easier to play than others, while still being fun and useful in Summoner's Rift.

Updated September 20, 2021 by Juliet Childers:Even with reworks and changes, some champions remain the easiest for new players to learn in League of Legends. This applies to every position: jungle, support, sniper, AP sniper, etc. The surprising thing is that these champions aren't weak or bad either. Of course, they can be easier to fight due to their simpler equipment.

You have to start somewhere, right? Here are the best League of Legends champions for beginners.


fifteenAshe the ice archer

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There's something for everyone on this list, but let's start with one of the game's original characters: Ashe. He is an AD shooter character whose attacks and abilities can slow, reveal or stun enemies. She also has an attack speed buff that can activate after a certain threshold.

The foundation of her team is both her strength and weakness as a champion, so she needs a good lane or jungle partner to back her up. But if you're just learning to run AD, Ashe is a near-perfect choice to start with.

14Lux, the lady of luminosity

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Similar to Ashe, Lux could be where you want to start as a mid lane player or as a bottom lane support player. She has a stun, a shield, an area attack, and a ranged ultimate. This makes them relatively safe to play on the lane and also offers some utility to some teammates.

Lux's downfall is her lack of mobility, and she can't deal explosive damage like some of her AP counterparts. It's a great stepping stone for tougher supports or champions that require more strategy.

13Gragas, the rabble rouser

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The sociable party animal might seem like an odd choice for a beginner, but it makes a lot of sense for a number of reasons. First, Gragas can go top lane, mid lane, or the jungle and succeed. Your team built it for crowd control, sustain, and ranged attacks. In addition, his ultimate can completely change the game in team fights or when chasing objectives.

The only tricky part with Gragas is learning when to engage and how to counter specific matchups. Try it out in different roles to see where it works best for you.

12Caitlyn, Sheriff von Piltover

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Caitlyn is another awesome early AD carry champion that has more agility than Ashe. His E ability can be used to fill gaps or create, while his Traps are pretty self-explanatory in terms of their usefulness. It also pairs well with a variety of support champions to suit aggressive or passive playstyles.

if you are a beginnerlooking for a quick rank upTesting Caitlyn isn't a bad idea. She's reliable, a fantastic split booster, and capable of serious damage. Just don't expect her to win a duel you're in.

11Annie the brunette girl

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Another original character, Annie's gear is one of the most intuitive in the game, especially after her shield overhaul. But one of the best features of her kit is that after using 4 skills, Annie's next skill will stun the target. This can be applied to any of his offensive abilities to great effect, making his ultimate the best choice for teamfights.

While Annie is often seen in mid lane, she may be viewed by some as an offensive support option. Properly split it for utility and damage so the other team can't ignore it while still protecting your AD carry.

10Seraphine, the dreamy singer

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Singer Starry-Eyed is one of the newer characters and also a very powerful one. Seraphine can hear other people's souls. He managed to turn the chaos into a symphony, singing to the world in gentle response to the music that was constantly being given to him.

As a champion in Summoner's Rift, your skills are a match. As a support, he does well in both the mid lane and the bot laneshe might be better off in one of these two. It's easy to use and just squeeze its full capacity to do something useful.

9Garen, the power of Demacia

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The Might of Demacia is pretty much your usual fantasy paladin. Shiny armor, correct behavior, unwavering morale, and plenty of swordsmanship. Garen is big, powerful and persistent. A model of power and morale for Demacia's forces.

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As a champion in Summoner's Rift, he is one of the easier characters. To play Garen effectively, spin to win and retreat to restore your health. Repeat until the opponent's health is low, then throw a giant sword at their head.

8Darius, the hands of Noxus

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Darius was created early on to be a sort of counterpart to Garen. The Cruel Hand of Noxus is one of the scariest champions in League of Legends, both in game and in story. He is known as the fiercest and most feared Noxian commander. He's alsogreatest Noxian champion.

Due to its high damage and simple gameplay, this is a great champion for beginners. Drag, attack and spin. A simple combo like this is more than enough to scare anyone if they got caught up in this series.

7Malphite, the monolith fragment

League Of Legends: 15 Easiest Champions For Beginners (9)

The Monolith Shard is a gigantic creature made of stone. Malphite tries to bring order to a world he believes is ruled by chaos. When it comes to what he's like as a playable character, his gameplay has stayed pretty much the same since his release.

Malphite is practically a walking ult. That's why someone chooses this champion. It is known that this rock is so feared only because of this. So try to stay alive until a team fight starts. If he does, make sure you take out as many opponents as possible. This cannot beone of the best endingsin League of Legends, but it's pretty close.

6Malzahar, Prophet of the Void

League Of Legends: 15 Easiest Champions For Beginners (10)

This is one of the best mages in League of Legends. Malzahar, the Prophet of the Void, is a kind of reference to characters who take on the reality of an alien world in Lovecraft's stories.

In Summoner's Rift, Malzahar is one of those champions that hardly needs a summoner. Malefic Visions combined with Void Swarm allows players to farm even without being good on the last hit. All players need to learn is how to achieve their silence. The rest is just point, click and wait for the enemy to die.

5Mestre Yi, o Espadachim Wuju

League Of Legends: 15 Easiest Champions For Beginners (11)

The Wuju Blader is the typical Zen swordsman who avoids violence. Until, of course, it is the last resort in a given situation. Master Yi ascended to a new level of sword mastery through the powers of practice and meditation.

However, the gameplay has changed a few times, but not essentially. Master Yi is a champion who relies on his basic attacks. His Meditate gives him extra durability on the track or in the wild, and his Alpha Strike allows him to farm or zoom in on the target. As for the rest of his abilities, just press everything and click on the target. master yi

4Miss Fortune the bounty hunter

League Of Legends: 15 Easiest Champions For Beginners (12)

Sarah Fortune or Miss Fortune is a well-known beauty of the seas. Though known for her looks, those who know of her cruelty fear her more than admire her. She's the kind of person who gets the job done no matter what. Those in Port City who want to stay away from her are probably smart.

Miss Fortune hails from a time when attack damage carriers weren't complicated characters. Its kit hasn't changed much since its release. It has a slow area of ​​effect, an attack that hits two creatures in a row, and an ultimate AOE. The rest is just the finishing touch and positioning.

3Nasus, Healer of the Sands

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The arena curator is one of the best concepts in League of Legends. Rising from ancient Shurima, Nasus is as powerful as he is intelligent. He returned from exile after Shurima was resurrected and vowed to make sure she didn't fall a second time.

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Nasus always becomes relevant when the meta requires very long matches. As long as players use Siphon Strike to damage the farm, Nasus is the easiest character. His passive lifesteal will keep him alive in lane and over time will make him super powerful.

2Sejuani, The Fury of the North

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This champion has always been a rough concept. She is a Freljord warrior who rides a giant Drüvask boar and uses a mace as a weapon. Sejuani, also known as Fury of the North, is a warrior mother known as one of the most feared warriors of the Winterclaw clan.

The way how to play Sejuani is very simple. His ultimate is a wide-area skill shot that can stun multiple enemies. Out of combat, she has a boost, slows immunity, and can slow targets by attacking them. Just get closer, throw everything and attack.

1Trundle, El-Rey-Troll

League Of Legends: 15 Easiest Champions For Beginners (15)

Coming from the Freljord,The Troll King is one of the most menacing champions in the Fields of Justice. A gigantic creature with a talent for violence, Trundle delights in intimidating others into his servants by hitting them with his club.

Trundle's abilities are anything but difficult to use. Slow down the target, approach very quickly, bite and attack automatically until your target is dead. Trundle's gimmick is his ability to steal an enemy's status, suddenly making him a lot more dangerous. Since his abilities aren't skillshots, it's very easy to use Trundle effectively.

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