Inclusion of swallowing in your skin care routine (2023)

If you experiment with dry, unequal and opaque skin that may be due to negative reactions of skin care products, hard weather conditions or problems such as UV damage, slip is a beauty trend that can probably benefit from it.

In addition, slugging can help other skin care substances work more effectively, and is also a great approach to heal dry, sensitive or irritated skin with a committed skin barrier.

What is slugging and how does it work?

Sluggening is a skin care practice that is available in generations that implies that they apply occlusal ingredients on their face to other advantageous products, which creates a protective interface on their skin.the black community. From the use of oil gelatin to protect the skin from the elements, such as:brown.

It's called "Slugging" because the thick ointments you use on the skin, what the look of a viscous snail can look like.

The goal of the tablet is to "seal" strong ingredients for your skin, such as:

Most of the time, swallowing is carried out at night because the occlusions make your skin look a little bright and "sticky".

Although these thick products do not work well under Make -up or for an appearance during the day, they have the strength, their skin softer and softer and with the help of other skin care products, lighter and more young people.Waking up injury, the skin looks fresh and wet.

Types of moisturizers

If you are not familiar with the West, they contain products such as:

● Ölgelee, E.I.Vaseline® Healing Gelee Original

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● Lanolina

● Beeswax

● oil

● Avocadoöl

What is the difference between you?

Occludes do not moisturize your skin in the same way as other lotions and creams. In the change, create a layer on the skin surface that blocks water and natural skin oil (sebum).This avoids dryness due to the evaporation of water and oil (also referred to as a transverse water loss). My favorite is the oil for user -friendliness and the low probability to hinder the pores.

Occludes work differently than moisture creams and plasticizers, two other types of skin care products that are sometimes used for similar purposes. The main difference between these three is here:

● occlusive: you do not penetrate the skin, but feel at the top and prevent the loss of water and oil.

● Emollients: These are products that contain lipids (including ceramides), cholesterol, fatty acids or silicones. They have no lipids that help improve the health and appearance of the skin.

● Moisture creams: they pull and bind to air water or deeper into the skin. Even dead cells loosen on the skin surface, which contributes to breaking them.

Slugging, give oil gelatin asVaseline® CER GELEEIt is one of the most popular ingredients. It is very effective to prevent the skin loss of loss of skin and to interrupt up to 98% of the transpid -painted water loss, which can cause roughness and dryness.

It is also possible to find products that contain a combination of these skin hidurians that can be even more effective when used, but for snails you want a thick and sticky product (an occlus) and no longer a thin lotion.

Try to use the advantages of different moisturizer, moisturizer and plasticizerslowOcclusive.

Slugging advantages for different skin types

Most of the slugging is recommended for those who with:

● Dry skin

● Sensitive skin, including eczema

● Oflism


● Unequal skin structure due to problems such as dry spots and peeling

All of these skin types are common that they do not have the moisture of the skin.

Should people with acne try to do it right?

Slugado alone is not taken into account that the cause of the acne (in other words is not comedogenic), but can trigger the pimples if you have sensitive skin, especially if you are not careful to clean your face very well in advance.which can otherwise be arrested under the skin.

If you have combined the skin, which means that you have to do with sprouts and also dry in different parts of your face, you can try to take sliponlyIn areas where you experiment less with acne, this prevents dirt and bacteria from accumulating in already high -fat areas that can cause grain, but help to reduce the drought if necessary.

Facial care routine: two and not do

Closing should be carried out as the last step of your nightlife.

They enter the ones used, such as oil jellies in thinner skin care ingredients, including serums and other moisture creams, in layers. This way, products such as toner, viewers and lotions can penetrate the skin before applying a thick occlusion.

How often should Sluggening be done?

The frequency should be determined by your skin type: If it has dry skin, the lesions can really increase the texture of shine and skin every night, but have a thicker combination or skin, try it 2 to 3 times a week (or approximatelyeach night).

Which products should you use when beating?

The best slugging products are those that contain moisturizing and soothing ingredients. Under your occlusive products, they opt for moisturizing products that contain ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, glycerin and niacinamide.

And which products shouldn't you use when beating?

I recommend avoiding comedogenic products such as coconut oil to avoid acne outbreaks.

These are the recommended steps involved in a slugging routine:

1. Clean your face

Make sure that you completely clean the skin before applying a product. If you use a distant (liquid or pillow), wash it too.

Whenever it does not have very sensitive skin, it should also be peeled several times a week to eliminate the dirt or dryness of the skin surface.

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2. First apply your finer skin care products (serum and moisturizer)

When the skin is clean and dry, apply the serum first and then the moisturizer on the top.

3. Apply this to other products

If possible, let the other products first be picked up on the skin for a few minutes and carry your occlusive product like E.IVaseline® Healing Gelee OriginalKeep your whole face with a generous amount of occlusal and keep your hands away.

Since your skin is bright and sticky, you will probably want to wait until bedtime before you get this step, about 30 minutes before going to bed.

The kiss covers and the sheets can be a little sticky on your face; so try to put a clean towel on the pillow and bind your hair with a smooth scrunch or head of the head.

Swallow beyond your face

While swallowing is carried out more frequently to improve the appearance of the face, it can also fix the dryness and other problems in other parts of the body such as chest, neck, feet or hands.

You can follow the same steps as before if you want to use slugging in different parts of the body (including cleaning the first area). A popular way to do this is to bathe the previous steps and then follow the previous steps (thinnerLotion, followed by a thicker occlusive).

Men can also be interested in meeting after shaving to calm the skin. Of course, women can do this in areas where they shave, like the bikini line.

The key here is to clean the skin to remove razors or other products, then apply a moisturizer and then apply a thin layer of an occlusive. Remember that this can make the skin bright so that most men prefer itwhen you hit your face.

Whether for your face or body, now that it is equipped with the right tools, you hope that you can determine whether we are suitable for you and your skin's practice.

For Dr.Michelle Henry, MD, dermatologist certified by the board

IG information:@drmichellehenry

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