12 Wrinkons for the eyes of dermatologists I swear (2023)

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After a dermatologist and top beautician.


Kaitlyn McLintock

12 Wrinkons for the eyes of dermatologists I swear (1)

Kaitlyn McLintock

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12 Wrinkons for the eyes of dermatologists I swear (2)

Medically reviewed byNazira load, object, tears

Rachel is a dermatologist and clinical professor attached at the Dermatology Hospital of Mount Sinai, certified by the Council.

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12 Wrinkons for the eyes of dermatologists I swear (3)

Generally, it starts in our 20: when we get older, some thin lines and folds are formed under our eyes. They are not afraid; they are just a sign that our skin cells loseCollagenAnd the reduction of its ability to renew. These folds under visual performance are essentially the most wrinkles we have in life or in life, even an exceptionally expressive face.

These wrinkles are also called Crow's feet and are not right to lose sleep and dark circles at night. The question raises the question of what to do to prevent wrinkles from forming under the eyes? And if it already exists?

We asked a dermatologist and two say how to get rid of these lines.

Meet the expert

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Retinol according to

Let's go to the thickness, right?RetinolTherefore, there is a good reason why the skin care market has dominated lately. Retinol itself is a derivative of vitamin A. According to Rouleau, "can stimulate skin cell metabolism and promote collagen production" ".The collages make the skin look fat and smooth.A, also known as retinian acid). If you are a well -formed and stable product with sunshine, brown spots, lines, wrinkles.and large pores. This magic is its ability to resume the skin's texture to a smoother and more uniform appearance, "adds Roulaeau.

The first step in your ever -difficult fight against wrinkles is to include a retinol rich product in your routine.Erno Laszlo Firming HydrationIt is formulated with moisturizing jojoba and hyaluronic acid.


Retinol is a type of retinoid that is a vitamin A derivative. It is an antioxidant used in anti -aging products for skin care.

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Moisten your area based on

When it comes to a patternEye creamThis does not require a revenue for sale, recommends TalakoubIt is the clinical youth complex.This is not surprising when he considers that the brand is loved by many dermatologists and skin care specialists.

However, Talakoub says that eye cream is not enough; in fact, there is not a single eye cream in the market that is considered for the effective treatment of wrinkles.

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Diploma in fluid intake with an oil

Talakour emphasizes rich facial creams and emphasizes how important it is to keep the area, which is well hydrated along the way, as it says that dry and dehydrated skin is more susceptible to thin lines and wrinkles. A hydrated eye area, on the other hand,It seems healthier, disciples and fepe. "Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize," he says. Make it by applying a rich cream and then sealing with an oil. Oil prevents each water evapoys, moisture and raft."Argan, Marula, Sunflower: They call. The key to avoiding wrinkles is the ingestion of oil and liquid," emphasizes Talakoub.Josie Marans 100% of swimming charganIt is a good option for the multitasking moisturizer; it is vegan, cruelty free and comes from ethically related arganies.

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Consult an expert

If you are currently looking for a routine recommended by experts and still looks like new wrinkles, it may be time to reserve a date of the clinic. Determined professional treatments have the strength to make a big difference in skin appearance. For example, the Talakoub clinic "A radio frequency torture device combined with annual and gentle treatments to build collagen around the eyes. "It is like and stimulates the new formation of collagen and elastin. Also visibly shines the skin around the eyes," he says.

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Try facial massages

For those with minimal problems, facial exercise prescribed by a skilled skin care professional can help stimulate a small blood flow and remove the eye area and stimulate sound.

"Apply a small amount of eye cream on the ring finger, start the outer corner and work in the areas of the inner corner to pump the lymphatic liquid," says Grous. It is also said that this technology is offered to improve product penetration.

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Apply facial masks

Masks are designed in such a way that they nourish the skin, balancing and restoring: all are good to avoid wrinkles. He explains that the main difference between sheet masks and cream masks is the ability to penetrate the skin. "A way that allows a deeper penetration, while Cremkaskls tend to the superficial layers of the skin. "

One of your favorite eye masks isRequired enigning the ocular mask, A formula that is infused with active peptides and plant extracts, the visibly smooth lines that should lose weight under the eyes and swelling.Agreed MBR Y chip PlatioNen($ 177) with hyaluronic acid, which owes the lines and wrinkles and the collagen mask immediatelyValmont's eye regeneration mask treatment($ 330), a reinforcement with caffeine, arnica and green tea that should squeeze and consolidate the skin.

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Never forget the SPF

The above proposals can help reduce existing wrinkles, but it is important to remember that prevention is the best treatment. It is also forgetting to apply all huge consequences of sun damage and collagen loss.

This is why Talakour always recommends sunscreen.Brighter invisible signalIt has a slight 35 water SPF gel formula that looks like a serum, which makes it perfect for daily protection.Glue your SPF with good safety glasses that protect the area of your eye from UV damage and at the same time unnecessary tubers.

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Be kind with the application

Follow the theme of prevention kindly using products. Do not pull the skin around your eyes. Once that, use your ring finger to carefully work a product.eyelid skin.Proys who rub the eyes usually receive deep folds."

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Eat a healthy diet

First, drink lots of water to provide your moisture system and promote regular elimination.-One foods rich in salmon, avocado and nuts that support a healthy leather barrier that helps prevent the loss of water from the transpudic painter. Collagen that drives foodLike bone broth, there is also part of a healthy skin diet.

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End bad habits like alcohol and smoking

Drinking alcohol leads to inflammation and dehydration.It also interrupts a good dream and leads to the dreaded "hangover face" and swollen eyes. Construction and professionals aim to restore the skin a healthy and clumsy look: alcohol makes the opposite.

Great dataSmokingAnother thing that sabotaged the skin. "Rauch is a carcinogen that damages all cells in the body, including skin cells. It also inhibits the ability to transport fresh blood, which contains oxygen and rich in nutrients in the appearance of skin and skin cellsof the smoker ".

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Try it with microagodo

If performed properly under the care of a qualified skin care professionalMicroneedlingIt can get excellent results that help promote useful ingredients and promote collagen production.GROUS explains that the microa -Injuague helps tighten the skin, group and leave again and finally reduce visible signs of wrinkles and dark circles. In your clinic, it also performs fractional radio -forthcoming micro, a process with needles and thermal energy that creates oneWounded and stimulates the skin to create a new collagen, which causes the skin to tighten and reduce the fine lines.

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Injectable thinking

Although injectable energies one of theMost Wrinkle Treatments soughtWe leave it in the list below to show that they are not the only solution, especially for the eye area, which is very sensitive.Botox and FillingsThey are sure that if you are managed by your reliable expert. "Botox makes the muscle movement that causes thin lines (a line you never do, a line you never can!)," Says Grous., Soft and grouped.

The correct way to eliminate eyes -up -up

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